Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update On Linda's Watches and the Addition of Several Decorative Home Accents Using the "Field of Dreams" Wildflower Artwork! Now available Online!

David here again. I said I would give an update on how the Bid TV television auction for how Linda’s “Field of Dreams” limited edition watch went. Well both of us made it up in time (4:45 a.m. ugh!!) to get the live online streaming and the few minutes the watch was available went by very quickly. The 35 offered went fast and for a very reasonable price for a limited edition keepsake like this.
The other watches are starting to show up but only on the web so far. As much as I have tried to figure out when and what will show up on the English tele I am still somewhat at a loss. I am going to email a couple from England that were booth mates of ours at the Surtex show in New York this year and see if they can clarify how Bid TV works. If any of you folks from the U. K. are visiting here maybe you would be so kind as to leave a comment on how these auctions work. Even better if a watch buyer could chime in and share their experience with all of us that would be great!

Many of Linda’s wildflower art collectors and friends have been asking about how they can buy one of these watches and unfortunately Bid TV doesn’t ship internationally at this time according to their website.

The good news is that over the last week Linda and I have been working on adding the “Field of Dreams” artwork to our online store and as of this writing several items are ready for purchase for you folks in the U.S. as well as in the U.K. CafĂ© Press does ship across the pond so if you would like one of our keepsake gift boxes this would add a very nice touch indeed.

We’ve also added this one to our plush and decorative accent throw pillows . Can’t you see one or more of these dreamy pillows in your bedroom? A brand new item we are offering is our Texas Teddy Bear with the “Field of Dreams" design to commemorate and compliment Linda’s elegant watch. This teddy bear is so cuddly and would really be one of those unique gifts to send to someone special. So have a look at the online store and browse a little. Remember everything comes with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

More great gifts with Linda's Wildflower Art!

Looking for a special gift that's also unique? Want to decorate your home and your life with bright colors? Then you need to go to Linda's Store and check out all of the great treasures, from mugs to mousepads, featuring Linda's contemporary abstract wildflowers. Just click HERE to enter a world of wildflowers by Linda Calvert Jacobson. While you are there, check out the KEEPSAKE BOXES, each inset with a tile featuring a floral painting by Linda.

And don't forget to visit Linda's website to learn more about the artist. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update! Artist-Inspired Ladies Watch up for Bid on Bid.TV Iin the U.K. Again!! Is It Abstract Contemporary Wildflower Art or?

Hi Y'all this is David (Linda's Hubbie:) again and....

Hi to all of you other fans of Linda Calvert Jacobson's incredible Contemporary Wildflower Art!! Linda has just been too busy juggling, camps, classes and P.R. work all the while still creating new paintings of an Abstract but maybe closer to Abstract Impressionism style of floral paintings. What we have been calling her art is The Texas Contemporary Wildflower Series of original acrylic paintings. These large, bold, beautiful pieces of artwork are indeed hard to define.

Her licensing deal in England on Bid.TV continues this Monday July 21st in the 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.(U.K) time slot. That is 5 a.m to 5:30 a.m. for all you art lovers here in Texas. The live streaming is available by following this link for any of you that are brave enough to rise that early to watch it on
That will take you the women's watches section. From there, you can search for "Linda Calvert Jacobson" and it should take you right to Linda's "Field of Dreams" painting made into this elegant ladies watch. On your left you will see the live streaming button. Use the higher speed if you are broadband and the lower number if you are on dial-up. The close is scheduled for 11:22 so if I understand it all and I am not positve I do yet?, but I think I do, you can actually bid on the 35 that are up for sale in this round.You know that this would make one of those unique gifts for that special lady in your life.

I promised you all that I would tell you how the first one went last Monday. Well guess what, I failed by a matter of minutes, but I missed it none the less. I will be up this time and I will give y'all an update on how fast this round goes I promise! I really was too excited for Linda last week and didn't sleep well (until it was too late of course).

As you folks know that are long time readers of this blog I am using words such as abstract, contemporary and abstract impressionism and this is because for all the years that Linda has been creating these happy emotionally uplifting pieces of artwork, we have not been able to define what style they really are other than contemporary wildflower paintings.

Maybe we need to do a survey and see what Linda's art collectors and you the readers of her blog and all her art students have to say. Maybe, just maybe from that we can find the words that best decribes these awe-inspiring pieces of art. I know that Jackson Pollock is an inspiration for her technique and this emotion evoking action art. But the anger or angst of much of abstract impressionism movement is calmly replaced by Linda with joy, hope, and happiness which manifests from the simple pleasure of admiring wildflowers on a rejuvenating Spring day. This is Happy Art not sad, not mad, but glad art.

Enough said already like Linda's has said too many times, wind me up and it hard to get me to stop, but stop I must, so you all can get back to the rest of your day or night whatever it might be, wherever you might be, as you read this and if you get a chance stop by and visit us at Casa De Linda Art in New Braunfels, TX or here on the web at....

P.S. I have more exciting news especially for you art collectors just north of us because.....
Well tune in soon cause Linda and I will be taking a short road trip soon for a one-woman show starring... our beloved Linda. We are both happy about this and I will be sharing news on this latest event coming soon. Its actually events and the good news just keeps coming....stay tuned and see ya soon.

All The Best to Everyone David

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Linda's Wildflower Art Limited Edition Ladies watch on Bid TV in the U.K.!!!

Hi everyone my name is David, I am Linda's husband. I am posting the blog for today and will be writing from time to time to share some of the many goings on for my busier-than-ever better half:)

I have wonderful news to share Linda's watch deal in England. Some of her wildflower paintings were licensed for a line of limited-edition, collectible watches earlier this year. And the first is now on sale! Between 5 and 5:30 a.m. US Central Standard Time tomorrow (Monday July 14th) you can watch streaming video on Bid TV of the watch featuring "Field of Dreams." This is an incredibly elegant watch and I bet there are going to be more than a few hubbies if they are smart that will snatch one of these beauties up and make their wives very happy indeed. It has a great romance card that comes with it so maybe the boyfriends need to make note as well so as to keep their girlfriends happy. This ladies watch would make a great gift for any woman is really what I should have said to start with. Not able to watch online to bid? That's OK because you can also go right to the Bid TV website and place your bid there! The auction for this watch is from 11:00-11:30 a.m. U.K. time so lots of housewives will be there if my guess is right! I am so excited and happy for Linda I can barely keep my thoughts and typing in a cohesive manner. I will be up bright and early in the morning to watch this new phase of Linda's licensing dreams come to fruition. Don't worry I will report back tomorrow about the auction and how it all went.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Where did the month of June go???

This is the longest I've gone without posting on my blog since I start it in November of 2005. If you are a regular reader, please forgive me! I haven't forgotten about you! After returning from NYC and FL, I jumped into teaching summer art camps from my Texas studio, along with other projects and activities. Took a break last week from the teaching and did some painting, which felt wonderful. I'll be posting pics later, so be sure to check back. The art camps are back in session now and run weekly through mid-August. If you are in the New Braunfels Texas area and interested in seeing my work in person or enrolling in my classes and camps, just drop me an e-mail at