Friday, July 28, 2006

August Happenings

What a busy month coming up! My work will be spread here and yonder locally during August. I'm the Canyon Lake Art Guild Artist of the Month for August, which means that I'm hanging in 4 locations at Canyon Lake (which I've group according to themes). You can see my work at: Wells Fargo (Comal County scenes), the Times Guardian newspaper office (sunset photos and paintings), Tye Preston Memorial Library (Wildflower Bouquets and Birdhouses), and First State Bank (wildflowers). The work is already up and on display at these locations. A little sidebar: if you click into the library website, make note of the colors and the logo design in the upper left's my work, too!
In addition to those Canyon Lake locations, I'm regularly featured at Vulture Gulch Stained Glass in Hancock (as are photos by my husband, David). Plus I'm still in Gallery on the Square in Wimberley.
Meanwhile, I'm excited to the featured artist for August at the New Braunfels Starbucks Coffee! I'll be hanging about 6 of my LARGE wildflower paintings next week. Also in New Braunfels: I'm still out at Grandmother Moon's in Gruene and at the NB Art League Gallery in downtown New Braunfels.
If you are in the area, be sure to mark Aug. 10 on your calendar. Downtown New Braunfels will host "2nd Thursday" shopping 5-8 p.m. but this month is special--it's also Hot Art After Hours. Drop by the NB Art League Gallery for a complimentary margarita then take the stairs or elevator upstairs to my studio where I'm having an open house. I'll have some of my latest works on display, including the 5 foot by 8 foot canvas that I painted specifically for the International Licensing Show in NYC in June (See the photo posted here...that's the painting behind me). Unfortunately, I had to cut it into 3 sections for transport, but I'll be hanging it as one unit in my studio. Hope to see you there!
Camps and Classes: I have one camp left, an Introduction to Landscape Painting for ages 7-12 the second week of August. Classes are going well with several students in the Tues eve, Thurs eve and Saturday classes. I'll be taking a break the end of Aug and first part of Sept. The fall schedule will start about mid-September, including after-school classes at my studio and a weekly class at the Fischer Store School Community Center, north of Canyon Lake.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Austin Art Show

This morning, S.G., a fellow artist and New Braunfels Art League member kindly e-mailed this photo of me in my booth that she took at a fine art show in Austin this past Spring (the FACET show). I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a surreal flower garden! Thanks S.G.!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Paintings at Blood Bank

I was invited to take some of my work over to the new South Texas Blood and Tissue Bank branch location in New Braunfels (at Marketplace) this week. However, they wanted something "calming" to set folks at ease when they come in to donate blood. As an artist friend of mine says, my wildflowers SCREAM. But I do also paint more traditional works, such as the one posted here: "Another Spring on Bear Creek Road." It, along with "Texas Hill Country Spring" and "Honey Creek" are on display at the New Braunfels Blood Bank through the end of July. Bear Creek Road is what the old timers call FM 2722, which connects from FM 46 (just west of New Braunfels) to FM 2673 (South of Canyon Lake). I have painted this specific scene twice (hence "another spring..."). The first painting was sold a couple of years back to a Canyon Lake resident.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nature's Heart and Soul has a new home

One of greatest pleasures for an artist is to see her work find a home where it will be enjoy and bring joy to others. This past week--on July 4th--a lovely couple from San Antonio saw one my latest paintings, "Nature's Heart and Soul" on display in the Contemporary Art exhibit at the New Braunfels Art League Gallery. I was not in my studio that day so they left a name and number and I called them on Thursday. We met in my studio an hour later where they looked over my other paintings and finally took a break for lunch. When they returned, they had decided on their first choice, "Nature's Heart and Soul." I know it has a good home and I couldn't be happier!
Camps start back up tomorrow with seven kids ages 5-8 in the morning and four, ages 10 and up in the afternoon. Teaching is almost as invigorating as painting...and I love to do both. Life is good! To all who read this: Have a great week and Be Happy!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy July 4th!

Just want to send best wishes for a safe 4th of July to everyone out in cyberspace today! I'm still catching up on work from being gone for a week to NYC, but here's the latest news...
Summer camps start back next week and I'll be ready! I've added an additional evening class (Thursday) for my Painting for Beginners adult students (Tuesday night is full). Plus I've added two more camps in August, Introduction to Landscape Painting for ages 7 to 12. Contact me if you are interested (
• Three of my wildflower paintings (including Nature's Heart and Soul, my latest painting) are part of the Contemporary Art Show this month at the New Braunfels Art League Gallery. The gallery just opened its newly rennovated "Side Gallery" and it is wonderful! Come see it for yourself!
• Coming up: I'll be the featured artist at the local Starbucks Coffee in August! Very exciting as thousands will see my work during the month. The New Braunfels Starbucks is located at the corner of I-35 and Walnut.